The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

A little while ago I went to the movies with a friend of mine to go watch The Theory of Everything. Honestly, all I can say is buy your movie ticket while you still can, because you absolutely have to see it! It is such an amazing and touching movie which tells the extraordinary life story of the great man Stephen Hawking. Personally I am not someone who is very much into science, yet I still adored the movie. And it is a great way to learn a little more about one of the great scientists of our time.

The Theory of Everything

The lead actor and actress are Eddie Redmayne, playing Stephen Hawking, and Felicity Jones, playing his wife Jane. Both actors play their part more than splendidly! They are able to bring so much life and emotion to the story. Very much deserved, Mr. Redmayne won an Oscar for Actor in Leading Role, which he dedicated to all ALS patients out there and especially to Mr. Hawking himself. It was the only Oscar received for the movie, however, in my opinion, it may have deserved more. 🙂 Felicity Jones was nominated for Actress in Leading Role, but that Oscar went to Julianne Moore for her role in ‘Still Alice’.

Eddie Redmayne with his Oscar

The movie, as I mentioned, tells the story of Mr. Hawking, starting at his time at the University of Cambridge where he is slowly developing his brilliant ideas while trying to get a doctoral degree and where he first meets Jane, his wife-to-be. One day however, he falls down and is taken to the hospital where he is diagnosed with ALS and predicted to have only two more years to live. This however does not stop Jane from marrying him and they have 3 children. I will not reveal the rest of the plot for those who haven’t seen it yet, I wouldn’t want to spoil the movie. 🙂 But DO watch the movie!

Felicity Jones at the Oscars

The movie is directed by James Marsh and was based on the book Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen where Jane Hawking tells the story of her marriage to Stephen Hawking.

I’ll leave it at this for today. Leave me a comment if you’ve seen the movie and tell me how you liked it, even if you don’t agree. 🙂

Love, Vicky


Nail art time

Last week I went to a local drugstore and somehow I always end up browsing through their make-up and nailpolish assortment looking for good promotions or fun products. Once again, the L’Oreal Color Riche nailpolishes drew my attention and I couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a few home with me. They have gorgeous colors and super fun topcoats. I love that the colors provide full coverage without having to put on 5 layers, 2 will certainly suffice. (And since I am a bit clumsy and always screw up if I have to wait too long for them to dry, I am grateful for that!) Also, the pricing is quite alright. You buy them for 5,99€ each and they contain 5ml.
Anyway, they got me again. I was tempted to buy the whole rack, but, unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money. So, I managed to narrow it down to 3, but I still wanted to decide on leaving 1 out. In the end I decided to leave a special blue-greyish color with granite effect, because I wasn’t sure how the effect would turn out. I looked for photos of it afterwards, and honestly, I am glad I did not bring it home. It is just not my style and I probably would have worn it once and then it would have gotten lost in my nailpolish stash. What I did bring home were two gorgeous colors with a little sparkle in them, one dark sultry green and the other a soft gold with some slight copper shine in it.

IMG_1654 They are called Imperial Green (#222) and Imperial Gold (#223). Both colors where really nice together, so I decided to do something with both. I took the green color as a base for the full nail and then had some fun with the gold color and my dotting tool, and boom! There you have it. Fun nails, fast, easy and pretty. What more could a girl ask for! 😉


Chocolate fair

So, for my first post, I will be telling you about my adventure of this Sunday: a trip to the second edition of the chocolate fair in Belgium! 🙂 It took place at Brussels expo in one of the palaces. Together with the chocolate fair, it was also the travel fair, which made for very crowded palaces. But, despite all the people, we (i.e. me and my boyfriend) had a good time and tasted many divine things!

There were a lot of exhibitors present, such as Leonidas, Magnum, Pierre Marcolini, Dupont, Callebaut, Galler, Lush, Amacarons, Baru, Godiva, Corné, Darcis, Guylian, Neuhaus and many more. As you can see, much to eat, much to taste and especially much yummy temptations! Aside from the little food stalls everywhere, there were demonstrations of how they made some of their chocolates, of full meals inspired by chocolate, a workshop for children and to top it all off: a fashion show with dresses (partially) made with chocolate and designed by the chocolatiers, in which miss Belgium featured in a creation of Magnum.

In the palace, there were also beautiful sculptures in chocolate made by Leonidas of for example the Arc de Triomphe. Some of the exposers also used some fun ideas to make their stall more attractive, such a remake of the Belgian ‘Manneke Pis’, now peeing a chocolate fountain instead of water, or a sushi set with chocolate sushi’s. 🙂 Cute!! At the Magnum stall you could also make your very own personalized ice cream with chocolate and toppings of your choosing. Very fun!

The fashion show then had some beautiful creations! Too bad it was so crowded around the really small runway. I am not the tallest of people, so I had a hard time seeing everything. Some of the dresses were amazing however, which made up for that.

I can say it was a fun experience! I ate way too much chocolate, nougat, pralines snowballs and so on, but they were all delicious. I came home with some chocolates for my mom, some caramels and macarons for myself and an experience richer. I might go back next year (I mean, who wouldn’t, with all the yummy-ness and chocolate!). That’s all for today I guess. I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures, I forgot my camera at home, so my Iphone had to do the job.